About us

Company ESLALIS was established on the 17th of October 2003.


From the beginning our main activity was selling peat and its products. And during several years we started additional services like bulk cargo transportation with moving-floor semitrailers and other logistics services that are now our main activities. 


We can offer a wide range of Logistic services starting from part load distribution door to door to FTL loadings with 13,6 m tilt XL certificated semitrailers and bulk transportation with Moving floor trailers up to 95 m3. Our well trained professionals will take care of any of You logistic needs.

Our services

Our main region for Logistic Services is Germany but we can offer regular transport form BE, NL, CH, AT and DK every week to Baltic States.

New Route to SE and Back  has been activated from this Year, feel free to contact us for best price calculation info@eslalis.lt

Full Truck Transports from Baltic States to West Europe and Back
Peat products and Bulk Pleat from Baltic states
Walking floor transportation up to 95 cbm

Peat products

We offer natural peat and peat products for various purposes. It can be packed in these quantities: 150L, 250L, 4.5 m3, 5.5 m3, 6.5 m3 and fraction: 0-10mm, 0-20mm, 7-20 mm, 0-30mm, 0-40mm, 10-30mm and etc.

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